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10+ releases a day takeaway

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

I found this via the etsy “code as craft” blog:

My big takeaway is validation of something I have always done – code configuration by user/bucket/site is a “good thing”. It’s so much easier to roll out changes to a select population and deal with changes that way. Something I like to do using django groups. It is a sort of a/b testing, but just a little different. Very useful.

boxee app won’t load

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I’m very grateful there is a boxee.log file written, otherwise I would not have thought that boxee was going to try to load the main.xml~ instead of main.xml by default!

AppEngine Design Philosophy

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I suppose I knew in the back of my mind, you’re not going to need it now, but eventually you will need to shard this*. So if you’re going to do anything in appengine, my advice is: just shard everything from the start. You’ll save yourself a world of hurt later on.

* This could be anything, it needn’t be just counters.  Now the article is all about write contention, but it also demonstrates a very good approach to sharding data in the abstract.  Depending on what you’re doing this is a very useful thing to do.

Adding feeds for the buzz

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Found this today via jlapenna’s buzz on how to add more feeds to your buzz:

Very useful.